Oh yes, this promotion project backfired a bit: Ex- “One Direction” star Zayn Malik (28) in fact wished to promote his brand-new album “Nobody is listening” with his live video on Instagram. The lines of a song even suggest that Zayn might propose to his girlfriend Gigi here. But instead of concentrating on the music, the fans observed something totally various: Zayn bravely grabbed the beer bottle and smoked something that he rolled himself suspiciously like a joint. In the video we reveal the doubtful clip.

Zayn Malik has long been called the Bad Young Boy

Not exactly a great role model for his more youthful fans. Zayn now appears to have seen that too, as he didn’t conserve the live stream on his account. And the followers see something else: When Zayn reveals himself on Instagram with an expected joint and beer bottle, it’s only six in the morning in his home in New York City.

Can the little one sleep with the sound her papa is making? Either method, this advertising campaign has a boring aftertaste … In addition, it is not the first time that the vocalist was discovered with a suspicious bag: Even in 2014, when he was still part of “One Direction”, images of him and his band appeared Coworker Louis Tomlinson with suspicious glowing sticks.

Gigi Hadid remains in 7th Mama Paradise

Meanwhile, brand-new mother Gigi Hadid shares sweet information from her pregnancy. From time to time, she also shares images of her little ones, whose name is still a secret, with her fans.


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