Announced in May, YouTube Shorts Reward Fund began distributing resources to original content creators in short form this Tuesday (3). According to Google, an amount of $100 million, equivalent to more than R$500 million at today’s quote, is available to subsidize production until next year.

New YouTube short video platform, Shorts is the search giant’s bet to compete with TikTok. To stimulate production, the service will pay $100 to $10,000 dollars (between R$519 and R$51,900) a month for users who create “popular, creative and innovative” content for the service.

Every month, thousands of qualified creators will be invited to claim a payment from the YouTube Shorts Fund, according to the Mountain View company. However, the values ​​are not fixed, varying according to the number of views and audience engagement, among other factors.

The reward fund is part of a new way of monetizing videos created for Shorts. Initially, the novelty will be available in the United States, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Japan, India, South Africa and Brazil, later arriving in other markets.

Requirements to participate

Interested in monetizing their productions must meet the requirements for the YouTube Shorts reward fund. The rules include a minimum age of 18 years in the case of Brazil and the submission of at least one original short video to the platform in the last 180 days, among other requirements.

Participating channels may not have videos with watermarks or logos from other platforms, content created by third parties or unedited parts of movies or TV shows. Qualification criteria are updated monthly, opening opportunities for those who have not been approved in one month to try to enter the program in the next.

The platform confirmed that it will contact the first qualified creators as early as next week, through the app, informing the payment amount and details to redeem the amount. Users must request the amounts by the 25th of each month, before the redemption expires.


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