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Two of this season’s breakout 90 Day Fiance stars are Yara Zaya and Julia Trubkina.

Some of their banter back and forth on social media led to some adorable jokes.

Yara wants to free Julia from the farm, and let Betty Gibbs feed her own animals.

Yara Zaya is Stunning While Trying on Dresses

Yara Zaya took to her Instagram caption to interact with fans as Season 8 nears the many wedding episodes.

“Season is finally coming to an end everyone, what did you think of this season?” Yara asked her followers.

“Will we get married?” she teased. “Thanks for everyones support throughout the season!!”

Yara Zaya IG - end of season 8 tease caption

“i think you win a million dollars [in] Vegas and go to bali,” Julia commented.

Her joke was obviously rooted in Yara’s current on-screen circumstances.

On Episode 15, she and Jovi arrived in Las Vegas for their wedding.

Julia Trubkina IG to Yara Zaya - I think you win $1 million in Vegas

First, Yara replied by playing off of Julia’s joke, writing: “How [did] you know?”

Then, Yara revised her response and made it so much funnier.

She wrote: “Actually, my plan was to win a million dollars and get you off the farm.”

Yara Zaya IG to Julia Trubkina - my plan is to win $1 million to get you off the farm

Julia continued with the joke, writing: “Actually, I left with you.”

Love the idea of her tagging along with Yara to Bali for a vacation.

It’s unclear if either of their husbands would be involved. Either way, it sounds just fine.

Julia Trubkina Says

One fan got in on the joke, asking (with laughter emojis) who would then feed the Gibbs family’s livestock.

Julia of course was limited in her response options, given her NDA for the show.

So it was Yara who simply replied with the only correct answer: “Betty.”

Yara Zaya IG - Betty will feed the animals

You know, Yara and Julia may be from different countries, but this mashup makes a lot of sense.

They’re both young, intensely beautiful women dealing with men who¬† have some growing up to do.

But this is less about what they have in common with each other and more about what Yara can offer Julia.

Yara Zaya - everyone should like me, love me

Yara doesn’t have $1 million to offer Julia.

(And frankly, Julia likely isn’t living on that nightmare farm of Brandon Gibbs’ parents anymore)

But what she can offer is some solid life advice.

Julia Trubkina - and Betty do what she want

Some misguided fans grumble about Yara “complaining” instead of the reasons that she has for her complaints.

But the truth is that Yara has a solid grip on life and on what she wants to do.

And what does she want to do? Exactly what she wants, and nothing more or less.

Yara Zaya - I never do anything which I don't like to do

That may sound obvious, but so many people just go “well, I guess that this is an obligation” and make themselves miserable.

Yara has a solid sense of her priorities, her likes, and her dislikes, and she’s not afraid to show it.

She also has a very healthy attitude of well-deserves self-love that plenty of fans and stars should emulate.

Yara Zaya - if they don't like me, this is their problem

Yara makes concessions, with Jovi and with his mom, but it’s always her choice.

In contrast, Julia’s desire to make peace and be liked by her in-laws gave Betty the room to treat her like an indentured servant.

We could all use a healthy dose of Yara’s confidence and willingness to share exactly how she feels.


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