Saturday, September 3, 2022
Home Tech Xiaomi patents the curious smart device with drifting screen

Xiaomi patents the curious smart device with drifting screen


House Tech Xiaomi patents the curious smartphone with drifting screen

With the first Mi Mix, Xiaomi attracted the eyes of the whole world by presenting the first large-scale commercial smart device with such thin edges for the time, but after that it took a long period of time prior to the company came up with another strong idea, but this time experimental, such as the Mi Mix Alpha with a screen that diminishes the sides.

And it appears like the company might be designing the next generation of the Mi Mix line with a number of just recently registered patents, including the newest one that would be fascinating to see live.

The patent obtained by the Dutch website LetsGoDigital shows a gadget with a notched screen that, this time, diminishes the back through the bottom of the screen, not the sides, permitting the display to encompass the reverse panel to also offer a “2nd screen” “utilizing just an OLED panel.

We also see that the patent highlights the retractable screen system, very comparable to the Mi Mix 3, to then expose the camera system that is concealed under the panel.


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