The ABC network prepares to release next Monday, February 22, episode 10 of season 4 The Good Medical professional, entitled “Decrypt”, in which the physicians and clients who live at San José St. Bonaventura Healthcare facility will live moments stressful.

In the next scenes, chaos will rule in the hospital due to a cyberattack that will put the lives of many clients at high danger who are confessed to the medical center where Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) and Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara).

As can be seen in the trailer launched today by ABC, The Excellent Doctor season 4 episode 10 will have staff trying to conserve lives, while hackers try to shut down medical electrical devices. According to the main logline, the following is explained:

” When the healthcare facility is hit by a cyber attack that threatens to shut down life-saving machines, Lea takes up the obstacle and looks for to outmaneuver the hackers to show her worth.”

Lea will be in charge of challenging this brand-new challenge to get ahead of the dishonest hackers who want to end the lives of patients confessed to the medical facility.

Leah will unquestionably remain in the forefront as she attempts to save lives at danger. Shaun’s love interest will need to juggle, which suggests there will be an uphill battle for Lea.

In the event that Lea manages to conserve the health center without funds being exchanged with the hackers, a brand-new future story might be approaching for the character who will have the ability to participate in a brand-new and difficult expert role in the drama by presuming new obligations.


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