Monday, September 27, 2021
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Windows 11 Will Have Pomodoro-style Hover App With Built-in Spotify


Windows 11: Microsoft is expected to begin testing new functionality for its future operating system soon. It’s Focus Sessions, a productivity app for Windows 11.

The news was announced by Panos Panay, head of product for the Windows division, on his Twitter profile.

From the short video, you can see that the application works in a style similar to the Pomodoro method: with the user selecting a period of intense productivity with a time to end, interspersed with moments of rest. To do this, it pulls tasks that may or may not already be in To-Do, which is the company’s to-do list app, and lets you set the desired time.

In addition to the timer, it will be possible to add a custom playlist for the moment: the clip shows an integration with Spotify, so far the only confirmed streaming service for Focus Sessions. In the feature, you choose shortcuts to favorite or suggested playlists.

For now, the novelty is in the development stage and has not been released in Beta or previous versions of Windows 11, yet without a deadline to be made available. The stable operating system is expected to be released in October this year.


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