Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Windows 11: see what useful features users are missing


Windows 11 features a more modern design and many new features to improve the user experience. But those who already know the new operating system from Microsoft are missing useful functions that have not yet appeared in the version available for testing.

The Feedback Hub app is full of complaints from Windows Insider program participants asking for some basic functionality back. Get to know some of them.

The right click menu is gone

As announced, Microsoft is removing the context menu (right-click menu) from the taskbar. In previous versions of Windows, the function allows quick access to desktop, taskbar settings and quick launch of the Task Manager.

Taskbar Size

Windows 10 allows you to position and resize the taskbar in a variety of ways just using the mouse. However, the new version of the system only offers three sizes: small, medium and large. In the trial version, the change can only be done by modifying the registry.

Drag and drop support

Drag and drop is a convenient way to open files in another application or add shortcuts to the taskbar. However, on Windows 11, if the user tries to drag a file into an application on the taskbar, nothing will happen.


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