After inspecting here that Microsoft has made another round of the Feature Experience Load readily available with screen capture enhancements to Beta Channel users, now is the time to have a look at the main news for construct 21301, concentrated on Canal Dev users.

In this particular round, Microsoft highlighted as its main novelty the application of enhancements associated with the use of the touch keyboard, integrated with the already standard list of modifications and improvements, in addition to the corrections when compared to the previous distribution.

Speaking initially of the keyboard-related executions, we have implemented refinement improvements for the touch keyboard based upon feedback from users in the program, that includes the little design when highlighting the keyboard to help with movement, the addition of new symbols for the designs little and different, along with the settings menu that is more organized.

Furthermore, it was also validated that a more traditional layout is being made available for screens with 12 “or more, bringing the more traditional user interface (consisting of the Esc, tab and Windows keys).

Another welcome development in the update was the reorganization of word suggestion, something that was also a demand from the participants of the Windows Expert program, in order to make the design more user friendly.

Thanks to this, from now on, the touch keyboard need to display an optimum of 5 recommendations centered on the top of the keyboard, which according to Microsoft should reduce the cognitive burden for users, being at least for now provided to a portion of users to checking for possible efficiency and dependability concerns.

When it comes to the modifications and improvements, we have that Microsoft has actually consisted of the choice to go to the file location in the context menu by right clicking, upgrading the N’Ko keyboard layout with adding access to coins and symbols, upgrading of the touchpad on/ off alternative in Settings > Gadgets > Touchpad and the dictionary upgrade to improve spell checking and significance in text prediction.

Relating to corrections, we have a list with 15 products mentioned, consisting of the correction of 100% CPU usage, the failure in the Task Supervisor when accessing the Details tab, the problem that could trigger specific HEIF files to not be rendered (even with the correct codecs set up) and more.

It is likewise worth pointing out here that the list of known issues was also pointed out with a total of 13 products, among which an excellent part (7, in all) is related to the “News and interests” app, and the total list can be inspected at the link identified “Source” at the end of that story.

Windows 10 Expert Preview participants on the Dev Channel can now download and install this update through Windows Update.


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