This is the rumor that has panicked the Web for a few hours! Nabilla would be pregnant with her second child! We tell you everything!

Nabilla fans will be in heaven! And for good reason: the star would be pregnant with her second child. And it could be that she announces the happy event in a few days!

As she has just left her villa in Dubai, Nabilla is reportedly about to break huge news to her fans! Indeed, the pretty brunette would be pregnant with her second child and would prepare a show on her pregnancy!

It has been several months now that the top has cast doubt on a happy event. In fact, Thomas’s sweetheart continues to post her happiness on the Web and promises a big announcement to her community.

If some fans have thought about her wedding or a reality TV show, it could actually be that the bomb is expecting her second child!

Indeed, many rumors have just fallen on the Web. According to blogger Wassim TV, the reality TV star would have learned of a happy event several weeks ago.

The young woman would have decided to hide her pregnancy to announce it on the occasion of the release of her future show! This news therefore risks having the effect of a bomb on the Internet!

So, will Nabilla and Thomas soon expand their family? The mystery remains unsolved! Still, the couple have left a lot of clues in recent days!

Nabilla and Thomas Vergara soon parents of a second child?


A few weeks ago, Nabilla spoke to her community by talking about a happy event. Indeed, the star was very moved and declared: “As we are a little superstitious we will not tell you right away”.

The star is also said to have decided to leave Dubai to celebrate the good news with his family. “Here we are there mainly for that in Paris, you will quickly understand why”.

But that’s not all ! The fashionista also shows off with clothes that are looser than usual. So, would she try to hide her early pregnancy?

For fans there is no doubt: the bomb is indeed pregnant with her second child and is about to announce her very soon on social networks!

So far, Nabilla has not reacted to the many rumors about her pregnancy. But already, many fans of the star are reacting on the Web!

Indeed, Internet users exploded with joy when they learned the good news! And they are already looking forward to seeing the little Vergara family grow!

However, we will have to wait a little longer before having confirmation from Nabilla! So will the star wait until her show is released to say more? Or will she deny pregnancy rumors? Case to follow!

In any event, this rumor is likely to generate a lot of ink.


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