Starz, must provide at some point in 2021 the brand-new episodes of season 6 of the historical drama that narrates the life of the romantic couple Jamie and Claire Fraser, Outlander.

Recall that the production of season 6 of Outlander was interrupted by the blockage produced by the coronavirus pandemic that is impacting the world. According to Jamie Fraser interpreter Sam Heughan, the crew and cast will start shooting in the coming days.

As lots of fans know, the next installment of Outlander will be based upon the 6th novel by the author of the saga Diana Gabaldon, entitled “A Breath of Snow and Ashes”, which some audiences have actually read.

In this sense, prior to the 6th installation shows up, Outlander fans who evaluated volume 6 of the Gabaldon literary legend, looked for some clues to know what is expected for Jamie and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in season 6.

It is necessary to keep in mind that in the next installment of Outlander, fans will see a new character arrive. It is about the young Malva Christie, who works as Claire Fraser’s apprentice and whom the doctor thinks about as a child according to the book.

However, in Outlander Mauve he becomes an issue for the Frasers, when a strain of dysentery sweeps the home and claims the lives of lots of. At this stage, Claire falls ill and practically dies while compromised, she continues to take care of her patients with the girl.

Claire, after recuperating, gets up to examine more about the matter and realizes that things are not going well when Malva claims that she is pregnant with Jamie Fraser.

In the sixth book of Outlander, Malva had an interest in Jamie and for that reason she wished to eliminate Claire so that the mountaineer would sympathize with her single mother and in any case provide him shelter.

After investigating, Claire realized that Malva slept with several guys and wanted to associate her pregnancy to Jamie to accomplish her goal. However, the girl wound up being killed ending her story in this method. It just remains to wait on the tv adjustment to see how the plot unfolds.


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