The 5th season of The Last Kingdom is being produced Netflix and the historic drama will follow the Saxons and Danes. On her side, Ecgwynn (Julia Brown) is King Edward’s (Timothy Innes) first other half and the couple separated due to claims that her marital relationship was invalid.

So, in season four, Ecgwynn reunited with her son Aethelstan (Caspar Griffiths), who is on the line of being the next Saxon King. Thanks to these, The Last Kingdom fans wish to know if Ecgwynn will need to presume a crucial function in the plot or not.

Recall that Ecgwynn appears in both The Last Kingdom and Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories, on which the series is based. She is the ex-wife of Edward and mother of twins Aethelstan and Aedgyth, who were separated at birth.

On the other hand, Ecgwynn and Edward were privately married since they knew that her moms and dads would never ever approve of the relationship, for this factor her marriage was annulled and Ecgwynn was separated from her family and sent to a convent.

Similarly, in the 4th season of The Last Kingdom, Edward’s mother, Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth), began to feel guilty for separating the family. She took a trip to the convent to reunite Ecgwynn with her child Aethelstan and they were able to spend time together.

As Ecgwynn had actually not seen Aelswith prior to in The Last Kingdom, she did not recognize that she was Edward’s mom, who had actually damaged them both. Let’s not forget that Aelswith just said that she was a mother who comprehended Ecgwynn’s situation and guaranteed that Aethelstan would be safe.

As Aethelstan ends up being the main focus of season 5, there is an opportunity that Ecgwynn will once again play a larger function. She starts by finding the reality behind Aelswith’s see to the convent and the possibility occurs that she wants revenge on Aelswith for what she did to him to take her rightful location as the king’s wife.

In addition, fans of The Last Kingdom can also see Ecgwynn handle a bigger role in the upcoming season after Aelswith fell ill at the end of season 4. Due to the fact that if news of Aelswith’s health problem reaches Ecgwynn, she may feel that she needs to go back to the kingdom to face the weakened Aelswith.


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