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Why Did the Duffer Brothers Decide to Eliminate Bob Newby?

Complete Stranger Things

Depicted by Sean Astin, Bob appeared during season 2 of Complete stranger Things. While some viewers would argue that he was removed from the series too early, his story was actually expanded compared to the initial strategy.

Sean Astin’s character in Stranger Things was not a force to be reckoned with as was the case with Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbor). Obviously, the knowledge of him helped Joyce, Hopper, and Will’s good friends to help in the possession of Will’s body by the mind flayer.

Although Bob Newby’s death took place in the hospital series in the Complete stranger Things episode titled, The Mind Flayer, the character was predestined to be eliminated much earlier.

Rather than being eliminated by the Demodogs, the series’ developers, the Duffer Brothers, had plans for Will to kill Bob Newby in the third episode of season 2 of Stranger Things.

For a quick time, the Duffer siblings toyed with the idea of keeping Bob alive beyond season 2 of Stranger Things. As predicted, audiences were helpful of Sean Astin’s character, especially due to the helpless nature of him.

In the end, the Duffer bros understood they had to adhere to their initial prepare for narrative reasons. Bob was constantly predestined to be a figure in one season of Complete stranger Things that left his mark on the others.

Joyce and her household had actually suffered enough already, but the Wynona Ryder character she needed to experience was predestined to experience discomfort prior to opening her heart to Hopper in season 3 of Stranger Things.

By following the arc, Netflix’s Stranger Things reveal also efficiently established a character that far exceeded expectations in terms of bravery.


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