Popular actor Rory Cochrane was thought about among the very best on CSI Miami, playing the character Tim Speedle, however he was just on the program for the very first few seasons. What is the actor doing now?

The CSI Miami broadcast on CBS had an odd and curious cancellation, something that amazed all the fans with this decision, however what happened to the stars who were leaving the program.

Now we wonder the reasons some of the most recognized actors of the series were leaving, along with the star Rory Cochrane, who played Tim Speedle.

At the beginning of CSI Miami, Rory Cochrane, was among the repeating in the series as the investigator Timothy, or much better referred to as Tim Speedle, a character loaded with mood and very ironical.

Throughout season 3, Tim speedle, was distracted and gets numerous shots, one of them straight to the heart, passing away in the arms of his faithful buddy, Horatio Caine (David Caruso).

Although the actor’s character passed away, he was invited for season 6 in the episode called “Bang, Bang, Your Financial obligation”, however playing another character for the episode just. According to declarations by the actor, Cochrane, his departure was for personal factors for other roles.

The last series in which the actor took part was in Reprisal in 2019, with the character of Burt, however, he was only as a guest character during 6 episodes of the show.


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