DirectX is a concept that Windows users encounter from time to time, specifically game lovers. Until 4– 5 years ago, it was required to upgrade DirectX in order to play a recently released game. This is no longer needed today. What is DirectX? Why is there no need for DirectX upgrade nowadays? We answered all these questions.

What is DirectX?

DirectX, which entered our lives with Windows 95 in 1996, forms the basis of the success of Windows in games. Although it has a really powerful hardware in computers running macOS os today, it is obvious that Windows uses the best performance when it concerns gaming.

To put DirectX in its easiest kind: it allows game developers to gain access to hardware and hence fine-tune video games. Game designers are much easier when it concerns a console like PlayStation or Xbox. Since they enhance the games they develop for a single hardware.

Nevertheless, there are thousands of different setups when changing to the computer system side. This is where DirectX comes in convenient.

If we relocate to the technical side slowly: DirectX is an application programming interface that offers low-level access to hardware elements such as graphics cards, sound cards and RAM. In the DOS days, video games had direct access to hardware such as video cards and motherboards.

Finding this scenario dangerous, Microsoft limited direct access to some hardware with Windows95 DirectX was established to make it much easier to access, as this produces an issue for video games.

DirectX is not the only API protocol available to game developers today. Microsoft blurs the line between DirectX 12 Ultimate and PC and Xbox Series X, making it much simpler for game developers to adjust games to each platform.

By the way, we ought to point out that video games are not the only location of use. Another vital location: DirectX innovation is also used for hardware acceleration, which allows the playback or editing of high resolution videos.

How to find out the DirectX version?

Microsoft released DirectX 11 with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 versions. In the most current operating system, Windows 10 comes with DirectX 12 installed.

It is quite basic to discover out which variation you have actually set up on your computer system.

How to upgrade DirectX?

You do not require to download any files in present variations of Windows. Updates can be made straight through Windows Update. When the requirement for updating arises, there are 2 various ways;-LRB- .

1– DirectX updates are not offered as any file/ package after Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2. In running systems launched after Windows 7, all you have to do is inspect for updates.

2– You are using Windows 7 or an older version, you can click on this link to download the current DirectX variation page prepared by Microsoft.


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