A Tacoma, Washington, police officer was seen driving through a downtown crowd Saturday night, running over a minimum of one person and sending them to the health center.

The officer reacted to several calls that a group of people were blocking a downtown crossway when the crowd began descending on the patrol car, the Tacoma Cops Department stated. Interim Tacoma Authorities Chief Mike Ake said he is “devoted” to the department’s full cooperation into an investigation into the incident.

” I am worried that our department is experiencing another use of lethal force occurrence,” Ake stated.

Several spectator videos were published online of the incident, where the police vehicle can be seen rolling over an individual and continuing to progress. Authorities from Pierce County are taking control of the probe into the incident as an independent investigation group.

Tacoma Authorities and other police officers stand in an intersection near the site of an auto accident on Jan. 23, 2021, in downtown Tacoma, Wash. At least a single person was hurt when a police vehicle plowed through a crowd of individuals Saturday night who were viewing a downtown street race, the Tacoma News-Tribune reported. Ted S. Warren/ AP

A crowd of about 100 people and numerous cars were blocking an intersection at Pacific Opportunity when the department arrived downtown, according to a cops statement. One Tacoma police car was then surrounded by the crowd and the officer inside had a hard time to eliminate himself.

” Individuals struck the body of the police vehicle and its windows as the officer was stopped in the street,” Tacoma authorities stated. “The officer, fearing for his safety, tried to back up, but was not able to do so because of the crowd.”

The officer then moved the automobile forward, with lights and sirens, striking at least someone. The condition of the individual, who was taken to a regional medical facility, is unidentified.

Police said the officer stopped after moving some distance away and required medical aid. The officer was not identified by cops.

Social network users described the occasion as a “cars and truck fulfill,” with some accounts publishing videos of individuals in cars doing donuts in the crossway while some in the crowd filmed on their phones. Videos posted of the vehicle stunts in what seemed the exact same crossway showed similar tire marks in the roadway as those seen in videos published of the Tacoma squad car.

Police did not identify the crowd that blocked the Tacoma intersection.

Image: Doha Madani Doha Madani

Doha Madani is a breaking news reporter for NBC News.


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