Victoria Larson has not made many fans throughout her short operate on The Bachelor.

It’s not tough to comprehend why, based upon her obnoxious mindset and general disposition.

So … why is the self-proclaimed Queen still a competitor on the show? Why has Matt James kept Victoria around?

We will learn.

Victoria Larson and Matt

On this night’s brand-new installation of, the women will go on an unusual– and unusually graphiic!– group date.

It willl motivated by Chris Harrison’s book, “The Perfect Letter,” and it will fixate the candidates being asked to wrote their “romance” with Matt … to check out in front of a live studio audience.

The getaway opens with a special visitor, Bachelor alum Ashley Iaconetti, reading a sexy excerpt from Harrison’s book, which has “a great deal of sex in it,” she comes right out and says.

As you might expect, such a tease puts the women on edge.

Victoria Larson on The Bachelor

” This is going to be really uneasy for everyone,” Bri tells the video camera, according to footage shared by Home entertainment Tonight.

Victoria seems mainly unbothered.

At one point on this group date, she will describe exactly what she wishes to do with Matt– and it’s a lot more than kissing him with his eyes open, that’s for sure.

The Bachelor Spoilers Alert, readers!

Things will get X-rated …

Matt James and Victoria

” And after that she pushed him onto his back so she could [bleep] his [bleep] since she required him [bleep] at that extremely moment,” Victoria reads from her journal, getting ready for her minute on phase.

” Oh wow,” Ashley responds. “You’re going to make an impression, I’ll inform you that.”

Uhh, yeah!

We concur with that evaluation.

Matt James in a Crown

Last Monday’s episode of The Bachelor concluded on rather a cliffhanger, as Sarah Trott nearly fainted at the rose ceremony after drama in between Victoria and Marylynn.

While the aforementiioned sneak peak reveals Victoria was given a rose, it’s uncertain if Marylynn also moves and continues to compete for Matt’s love.

Larson, on the other hand, has actually made such a strong (read: negative) impression on audiences so far that some observers believe she’s a plant.

They figure she needs to be a starlet generated to stimulate drama due to the fact that … come on now. There’s no other way to discuss the way she’s been acting on air.

Victoria Larson Instagram Pic

Is Victoria familiar with all the chatter out there?


Is she letting it bring her down?

No other way, a good friend informs Us Weekly.

Matt James iin a Tux

” She’s feeling respectable right now. She’s not letting all the hate get to her too much,” this buddy tells this tabloid.

” She’s asked me for guidance since this isn’t a scenario she’s ever had to deal with before, and the recommendations I offered her was, ‘It’s much better to be hated than to be forgotten.

” It’s better to be talked about than to not be spoken about.’ And that’s what stuck with her.

” At least people are responding to her– she should see it as a favorable thing.”

Victoria turned heads immediately when she showed up to satisfy Matt James. In a tiara.

” I’m Victoria, like the queen, and I’m searching for a king with a great heart. So, I heard that’s you, King Matt,” she announced on the January 4 premiere.

” Queen Victoria is here.

” I know I’m so confident and so fun, I understand I made a good impression, so I simply wan na put, like, my best foot forward. … I am the queen of this kingdom.”


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