Verizon has big 5G prepare for 2021 after formally introducing its next-gen network in October of last year, and close to the top of its list of top priorities is expanding protection of its ultra-fast mmWave protection. That taste of 5G is presently restricted to choose locations within choose cities in the US, and it’s highly dependent on your distance to a Verizon 5G website due to the fundamental innovation that powers it.

Marketed under the name 5G Ultra Wideband (5G UW), this range of 5G is the type with high speeds but bad coverage, indicating Verizon has its work cut out for it broadening network coverage in2021 In its earnings report on Tuesday, the company states it plans to almost double its 5G UW network this year by including more than 14,000 new “sites.”

Image: Verizon

Now, it’s kind of uncertain what a “website” indicates. Including a 5G UW site sounds, in theory, like a way to expand the coverage area of the service, or at least to enhance the connection strength in an existing area of protection, thinking about mmWave tech relies on rigging up networks of antennas, power products, and other equipment to assist increase range and blanket areas that are, right now, only served by slower and farther-reaching standard LTE and low-band 5G.

A few of that equipment is obviously currently appearing unannounced on the lawns of Houston citizens who do not truly have a say in whether their slice of county-owned yard has to play host to these “ground components” the size of chest cooler. Yet, it’s unclear if Verizon plans to add test sites mostly to improve the range and consistency of the network in existing markets, to bring coverage to new ones totally, or a mix of both.

That stated, Verizon is, in impact, declaring it will double its coverage area to 30,000 websites by the end of the year. The business likewise states it plans to include 20 cities to its 5G UW coverage list, in addition to 20- plus cities for its in-home 5G web service. Most likely, that will be done through the website growth to some degree. As of last month, Verizon surpassed its 60- city turning point for its 5G UW network, and earlier today, it announced that pre-paid clients can likewise start accessing its 5G UW network, too.


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