A few days ago, I saw a video game called Valheim atop the Steam Early Gain access to sales charts, with extremely favorable evaluations. Polygon appeared to like the $20 Viking-themed survival video game, and I believed buddies may like it, too. I wasn’t all set to devote rather yet– I waffled a while prior to trying. Know who purchased it while I was comprising my mind? One million other individuals.

On February 10 th, simply 8 days after launch, indie designer Iron Gate revealed that Valheim had actually currently offered 1 million copies. 5 days after that, Valheim reached 2 million sales. On Friday February 19 th, 2 days after we initially released this post, it struck 3 million sales.

Here are a couple of other realities you may like to understand:

  • It has actually now been the second-most played video game on all of Steam at one point, ahead of every video game conserve Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and it’s conveniently sitting at number 3 now.
  • It’s currently set a top-ten record for concurrent gamers on Steam with approximately 392,000 on Monday, knocking Grand Theft Car V off that top 10 chart.
  • By Friday, it took the # 9 area with 410,000 gamers, pulling Postal down one sounded.
  • It topped the Steam Top Sellers list throughout Valve’s Steam Lunar New Year sale– in spite of having no discount rates.

Screenshot of SteamCharts, taken February 16 th.

Screenshot taken February 15 th, the last day of the Steam sale.

As PC Player explains, Valheim‘s trajectory differs from anything we have actually seen prior to.

The closest parallel is maybe PlayerUnknown’s Battlefields which likewise came out of Steam Early Gain access to, offered loads of copies throughout Steam sales (likewise without being on sale), set a record for the Steam video game with the most synchronised gamers (3.2 million) that still stands today, and started the whole fight royale category that generated today’s Fortnite, Pinnacle Legends, Call of Responsibility: Warzone, and more. Even PUBG took months to reach the kind of numbers that Valheim currently has now, and that was with a genre-defining, action-packed, nail-biting, streamer-friendly video game that makes for a wonderfully tense watch.

Valheim, by contrast, is sluggish and systematic. It belongs to a recognized category of survival video games where you scavenge and gather, slice and dig, hunt and skin, then develop much better tools to do everything more effectively over and over once again. Just here, you’re likewise a badass Viking who can (ultimately) construct fortresses and ships, you’re searching down gods for sport, and you’re checking out a gobsmackingly massive map filled with picturesque landscapes, captivating music, a touch of lived-in secret, and some opponents that stomp me convincingly enough that I get a minor Dark Souls ambiance out of it. Oh, and when you lowered trees, they fall and strike other things (like you) for enormous damage! That’s never ever going to get old.

The video game’s graphics might appear dull initially however can be stunning, especially with eye sweet like depth of field, tessellation, and sun shafts.
Screenshot by Sean Hollister/ The Edge

As Cass Marshall at Polygon explains, it’s likewise exceptionally available and simple to discover– I ‘d persuaded myself that I did not like survival video games due to their usually stiff mechanics, however in Valheim whatever appears to make good sense without believing too hard. I do not require to invest ages punching trees to develop some standard tools, there’s no requirement to get plans (dishes unlock as quickly as you discover brand-new products), and I do not need to fastidiously prepare how I desire my home to look prior to I begin developing. You can immediately destroy a part of a structure and reimburse your products if it’s not rather.

In reality, structure is quick enough that I’m beginning to develop short-lived forward running bases prior to I venture into each brand-new location, like the small fort listed below that took all of 5 minutes and I have actually given that broadened two times.

It gets genuine dark during the night. Fire is a need to if you’re preparing to keep up.
Screenshot by Sean Hollister/ The Edge

There’s no informing for how long the magic will last for me or for the video game’s 2 million gamers and counting, naturally. It’s been all downhill for Amongst United States on PC, which presently just draws in one-tenth of its peak gamer count of 438,000 last September (though it might still be extremely popular on mobile).

However I think of word-of-mouth might keep Valheim opting for a while. I can’t wait to attempt the video game’s 2- to ten-player co-op mode with my circle of pals, which indicates more copies in the wild.

If Valheim does have remaining power, anticipate to hear this video game’s name on a great deal of lips in the months to come. If history’s any sign, we’ll quickly see a rush of knockoffs, fake-outs, and tries to make other video games play more like it, and there might be a lot of pressure on Iron Gate to port the PC-only video game to consoles and phones.

Update, February 19 th: Valheim has actually now offered 3 million copies and is now has a brand-new record for the ninth-most synchronised gamers at any one minute on Steam.


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