U.N. Secretary-Overall Antonio Guterres mentioned he used to be “deeply apprehensive” by photos from the invention of mass graves in Bucha, stop to Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, and urged authorities to starting up an self reliant investigation, his spokesperson mentioned Sunday.

“I’m deeply apprehensive by the photos of civilians killed in Bucha, Ukraine. It is primary that an self reliant investigation results in tremendous accountability,” Guterres mentioned after Ukrainian officials mentioned a whole bunch of bodies had been stumbled on, prompting accusations of war crimes against Russian troops.

United Worldwide locations mentioned Sunday that the invention of mass graves in Bucha, stop to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, raised severe questions about likely war crimes, and stressed out the importance of conserving proof.

“What’s essential to this point clearly raises severe and annoying questions about likely war crimes and grave violations of global humanitarian law,” the U.N. rights office mentioned.

Ukrainian officials mentioned Saturday that nearly about 300 bodies had been buried in mass graves. Agence France-Presse (AFP) saw now not lower than 20 bodies, all in civilian clothing, strewn across a single boulevard.

Within the period in-between, the U.N. rights office mentioned its team on the bottom had now not yet been ready to overview the numbers or vital facets reported by Ukrainian officials.

Then again, it mentioned, “we’re highly concerned by the on hand portray and video pictures, including pictures of bodies with their palms tied in the abet of their backs.”

“At the identical time, we can now not rule out that amongst the 300 or so bodies that city authorities reportedly quiet on the streets and buried in latest days, there are bodies Ukrainian or Russian soldiers who were killed right through hostilities,” the rights office mentioned.

“Civilians who died of natural causes, coronary heart assaults or assorted health prerequisites attributable to stress and the inability of fetch entry to to medication and clinical encourage over the final month, might well also be amongst these stumbled on needless on the streets of town.”

But given the likelihood that war crimes had been committed, it mentioned it used to be vital “to exhume and establish all bodies.”

This used to be vital “so that family will be told, and that the actual cause of demise be established to encourage be clear accountability and justice,” it mentioned.

“It’s additionally vital to preserve stop all measures to be clear the preservation of proof.”


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