US scientists have been successful in making the wood transparent like glass. This new product is more powerful and has much better insulating homes than glass.

A group of scientists from the University of Maryland succeeded in making the wood material transparent and with better insulating residential or commercial properties. The phases of the research study and how the brand-new material was produced were also explained.

According to the scientists, there are 2 primary parts named cellulose and league. Of these, the league is referred to as the substance that offers wood the brown color we understand and creates opacity. In the first phase, the scientists turned the wood into a white intermediate type.

Transparent wood

Initially, a 1 meter long and 1 millimeter thick wood material was dipped in hydrogen peroxide option and brushed utilizing a common paint brush. Then the wood, which was kept under sunlight or ultraviolet light for 1 hour, turned white.

The color changed wood was filled with a tough and transparent adhesive called epoxy in the next stage. The product that emerged as a result of this procedure was a transparent and strong product that transfers light 90 percent.

According to United States scientists, the freshly obtained product will be able to change the glass in the windows in the future. It is mentioned that this building product, which has better insulation homes than glass, can be chosen for energy conserving and can be used in structures.

Transparent wood made easy

In reality, this work is not the first to obtain transparent wood.

Scientists from the University of Maryland managed to make wood transparent in a much cheaper and easier way, thanks to the brand-new strategy. Hence, they resolved the expense and fragility problem we had seen in previous trials.


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