Turkey’s textile and the willing-to-wear trade currently employs more than 1 million of us, Exchange Minister Ruhsar Pekcan revealed Saturday as the trade experiences a recent enhance due to global production shifts to the nation from China over the coronavirus outbreak.

Talking at a meeting organized by the Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Association (İHKİB), Pekcan acknowledged the textile and its sub-sectors for the time being are the usage of a entire of 1.67 million of us, including that this quantity would perhaps be rising in the upcoming years because contemporary investments and rising exports.

The minister emphasised that the textile trade used to be one amongst Turkey’s key engines of development and innovation that develop added cost.

“Despite the protectionist inclinations of present global trade, the Turkish textile trade has managed to make a choice and pork up its situation in the worldwide market thanks to its strong interior dynamics, revolutionary branding and kind tips,” Pekcan acknowledged.

She acknowledged Turkey’s advantages included a talented team, competitiveness and excessive manufacturing, service and present flexibility due to its geographic situation.

Turkey exported some $17.7 billion willing-to-wear products closing one year. Turkish manufacturers for the time being are taking a perceive to make a choice the window of assorted created by coronavirus-hit China, which is anticipated to expertise production delays for five-six months this one year.

In response to experts, Turkey’s garment exports are projected to upward push by 10% as a result of outbreak.

İHKİB head Mustafa Gültepe acknowledged the sphere had the skill to seize on extra orders as every contemporary and existing purchasers an increasing selection of contact Turkish factories.

The trade minister added that Turkey is now taking a perceive to shift its production up-market now not handiest in the clothes sector but in varied manufacturing industries as successfully: “Our goal is now to not sell cheaply but to sell excessive-high-quality products with added cost.”

She acknowledged her ministry used to be working alongside with the private sector to expand added cost to exports and introduce revolutionary products.

Turkey’s apparel appears to be like to be to be like to expand its exports to $19 billion in 2020.

In response to İHKİB, the sphere had a 10.1% share in the nation’s general exports of $14.8 billion in January 2020, reaching an export figure of $1.5 billion, up by 5.8% in the same month closing one year. Nearly 73.4% of exports had been made to EU countries, with Germany and Spain being the main locations.


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