The fourth Gökbey, Turkey’s first homegrown multirole helicopter, has taken off for the most indispensable time, the pinnacle of the corporate growing the airplane stated gradual Tuesday.

Temel Kotil, head of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), made the linked assertion by potential of his Twitter legend.

He shared images of the Gökbey during tests with a caption that read: “I am ecstatic to fragment with you the take a look at flights of our 4th #GÖKBEY, which took off for the most indispensable time. I must thank all my vital colleagues who work day and evening. We can frequently proceed to work for more.”

The Gökbey T625 is being developed as half of the Fashioned Helicopter Program, coordinated by the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB).

The twin-engine, six-ton-class airplane designed for excessive mission flexibility even within the hardest of geographical environments and negative climatic conditions are being developed essentially based on rising market quiz for higher mission flexibility in this class.

The T625 prototype used to be previously powered by a pair of LHTECs and CTS800 4-AT turboshaft engines that have 1,373 shaft horsepower every, created in a joint Rolls-Royce and Honeywell partnership.

The chopper will rapidly be powered by a domestically produced engine manufactured by TAI subsidiary TUSAŞ Engine Industries (TEI).

The 2d prototype of the most indispensable domestic helicopter engine TEI-TS1400, the TS4, used to be efficiently started in January 2021, following the initial operation of the most indispensable prototype.

The turboshaft TEI-TS1400 engine has been tailor-made to the Gökbey.


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