There still hasn’t been any announcement from the principal gamers in this drama, however at this point, we can say with practically 100 percent cetainty that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are dating.

Reports about the long time pals have actually been circulating for weeks, and because neither party has bothered to shoot them down, we tnink it’s safe to say that his drums aren’t the only think Barker is banging nowadays.

( We’re not proud of that joke, but it had to be dome.)

Scott, Kourt, Trav

Experts say Scott Disick is pissed about Kourtney and Travis, but he truly doesn’t have much of a leg to base on.

For one thing, Disick is out there dating teens.

Just about everybody who knows Kourt and Travis seems to believe they’re a perfect match.

Kourtney In Sardinia

” Travis knows the Kardashians and they’ve welcomed him into the family,” one insider informs In Touch.

The source adds that after years of bad relationships, Kourtney’s mother and sis “are glad to see her happy once again.”

While the heavily-tattooed Blink 182 drummer and the posh Calabasas mother of three might look like they come from different worlds, Kourtney’s family thinks Scott is “a much better fit” for Kourtney than Scott ever was.

Kourtney Is Thirsty

” He’s more age-appropriate and fully grown than Scott, and treats her with respect, so it works well,” states the source.

News of the relationship came as a shock to fans, but it seems Kourtney’s inner circle wasn’t shocked in the tiniest.

They say and Travis have been “friends for several years,” and obviously, great deals of folks have been rooting for them to take the next action for rather a long time.

Travis Barker: Knott's Berry Farm's Countdown To Christmas

” They have actually vacated the ‘friend-zone’ and are dating,” an expert tells In Touch.

” The chemistry in between them was there, so it seemed like a natural transition.”

As for Scott, it appears he has some significant qualms about his child mom’s new man, however those who know The Lord best are positive that he’ll get over it in time.

Scott and Kourtney: Back On?

” Although Scott has proceeded, he can’t assist sensation a little jealous,” says one insider.

” He’s really protective over her, however eventually, wants to see her happy.”

And it’s possible that Scott’s been hoping that his old “friend with advantages” Kourtney will be single when he gets sick of the teen he’s dating in about 2 weeks.

Scott, Kourt and Kids

Yes, as you’ve most likely heard, Scott is dating Amelia Hamlin, the 19- year-old daughter of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin.

Exceptionally, regardless of the nearly 20- year age gap, it appears that the Kardashian clan authorizes of this new relationship.

They “really like the two of them together and think Amelia is a fantastic impact on Scott,” an expert told United States Weekly earlier this month.

Amelia Hamlin in Red

” Scott and Amelia are in a truly great location. They have a lot of love and regard for each other, and it reveals,” the source included.

So is it possible that Scott and Kourtney are both in healthy relationships and on fairly excellent terms with one another?!

We never ever believed we ‘d see the day!


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