Samuel is recuperating from Leila’s death in Tomorrow comes from us. He’s going to get a little closer to Iris in the next few episodes.

Samuel needed to deal with Leila’s death in Tomorrow Comes from Us. He’ll get a little closer to Iris and may end up unfaithful on Alma. Please note, the post consists of spoilers.

Samuel is totally consumed with Iris in Tomorrow belongs to us.

It took a very long time for physicians to acknowledge Leila, and Leila ultimately caught her injuries. Samuel had a very bad experience of the death of his ex-darling, but had the ability to count on the assistance of Sofia in addition to William. Then he reunited and recently went out with Alma.

Alma is really patient with Samuel in Tomorrow belongs to us and everything seems to be going well between them.

Samuel for that reason does whatever to find out more about Iris, who is none other than William’s client. The latter received a heart transplant just recently and is having a difficult time living with this brand-new organ. However, Samuel will soon make a discovery.


It seems that Iris got the heart of the mom of the 2 young women. Samuel will quickly find out and will do everything to speak with Iris.

” I couldn’t have actually requested a much better heart then,” Iris will say, listening to Samuel’s story at the beach. The physician will speak about his ex-girlfriend and discuss to her how brave and still hopeful she was. Consequently, Iris will recommend to Samuel to get closer to him and put her head against his chest.

” You might take me for a crazy person, however you want to listen to her?”, She will recommend. Samuel will for that reason come closer to her to hear the beating of the heart. This will calm him down a bit, as he utilized to listen to Leila’s heartbeat when they were together.

Then, Iris confesses to Samuel that she frequently talks to the individual who provided her the heart.


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