Well, folks, no matter how you feel about it, the Trump Age has actually formally come to an end.

Possibly you have actually been waiting a long time to hear those words, or perhaps you’re stitching a flag together out of old NASCAR t-shirts with a plan of forming an independent nation-state in your backyard.

Either way, Joe Biden is the brand-new President of the United States, and there make certain to be a lot of modifications coming our method.

Joe Biden Sworn In

Spray tan discolorations on Oval Office furnishings might decline by as much as 100 percent.

Add to that the sudden disappearance of errant Big Mac wrappers and wrecked letters from upset financial institutions, and it’s easy to see why this a special day for the White Home cleaning personnel.

However what about those who are less thrilled about the changing of the guard?

Donald Trump Impeachment Response

We know ex-President Trump is so dissatisfied with big “L” marked on his forehead that he selected to snub Biden by declining to go to the inauguration, making him the first president considering that the 19 th century to not invite his follower personally.

So we know DJT is tossing one of his usual temper tantrums, but how do his kids feel about their dad’s sudden loss of power?

Well, Ivanka’s preparation to run for president herself, and the ever-opportunistic Don Jr.– noticing his father’s abrupt weakness– is most likely eyeing Melania with an oedipal sparkle in his eye.


Eric probably couldn’t distinguish in between the 2 old people all election season, so he’s only slightly conscious that anything is various.

Barron, meanwhile, is hopefully tough at work on his scathing tell-all.

That leaves Tiffany Trump, who seems to have made the most of her dad’s final days in office.

Tiffany Trump in Pink

The daughter of Donald’s 2nd better half, Marla Maples, Tiffany has actually never ever cracked the top four on the list of her daddy’s favorite offspring.

Although she just recently finished law school after going to the University of Pennsylvania– her daddy’s alma mater– for her bachelor’s degree, it appears that Tiff just can’t get in the Donald’s excellent beautifies.

That’s all right– Tiffany has plainly discovered not to put all of her psychological eggs in her daddy’s basket.

Tiffany Trump at Fashion Week

The plan has actually allowed the 27- year-old to take advantage of Donald’s wealth and power while not being too dissatisfied with his lots of, many imperfections.

It’s in that spirit that Tiffany made the most of her dad’s last days in the White Home to snap an engagement picture that makes sure to make her the envy of all her pals back home in Calabasas.

On Tuesday, Tiff posted a picture of herself with her new future husband, Michael Boulos.

Tiffany Trump Engagement Photo

” It has been an honor to celebrate lots of turning points, historic celebrations and produce memories with my household here at the White House, none more unique than my engagement to my remarkable fiancé Michael! Feeling blessed and excited for the next chapter!” she captioned the image.

Boulos was a bit more concise when captioning the picture on his own page, writing:

” Got engaged to the love of my life! Looking forward to our next chapter together.

Tiffany Trump: Hot in Winter

Regretfully, neither of them discussed why the hell they stood kid far from the camera.

Little is learnt about Boulos, however apparently he’s loaded as a result of the many organizations his family owns in Nigeria.

Hey, if that’s as exploitative as it sounds, Tiffany might finally earn her daddy’s approval by marrying into the Boulos clan!


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