Friday, September 2, 2022
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This is the brand-new style of Google searches for mobile


Surely throughout the day today you have actually utilized a Web search engine to discover out all the news about what interests you. You will be utilized to the block design the business offers to separate the different breakdown it makes of the content, but in Mountain View they desire to make the search results of the Google app clearer.

This is how your searches will be displayed in the Google app

If you are an Android user, there is an application that never ever fails and it is Google’s. It is an application created to search rapidly without being distracted from looking at other pages.

Now it’s time to discuss the redesign of the Google app, which will enhance the method you see the application. What is most striking is the absence of individual spaces in the app. We explain ourselves. Until now, each search put the most pertinent result in a highlighted box above the rest of the websites. This contained not only a meaning, however also associated images or other info that would be relevant, such as the cast of a film.

As you can see in the image, modification turns the app into something absolutely various. It should be kept in mind that a little bell likewise appears that will alert you of all the news associated to your search, which you can push if it is a subject of interest.

But this happens in those outcomes that request a particular meaning, such as looking for the name of an animal, someone famous and even a film as we discussed previously. If the results that appear are from looking for other types of results, you will see that everything modifications. In this case, each section will be separated to make it clear that they are different outcomes and hence provide a sensation of more area in the app.


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