This Wednesday, January 27, Chicago Fire hits the fan screens with a new episode of season 9, loaded with abundant drama that keeps fans very concerned.

And is that truly fans of the fire action drama of NBC Chicago Fire, they remain worried about the relationship between Brett and Casey.

Moreover, after showrunner Derek Hass just recently announced that two new characters signing up with the cast will arrive with the brand-new episode of the drama to get in the way of the relationship in between the captain and the paramedic.

Chicago Fire fans know that the drama has actually been on the air for 9 seasons due to its shocking storylines and the remarkable arc played by excellent actors.

The series that informs the life of a group of heroes who put their lives first for the security of their neighborhood in the city of Chicago, is Chicago Fire, the drama produced by Cock Wolf.

Like many other Hollywood productions, Chicago Fire has a number of fascinating details, which are often missed out on by fans of the drama. One of them is that the NBC show has a real-life firefighter in its cast.

It’s about actor Anthony Ferraris, who plays host Tony in the franchise’s 3 main series, Chicago Fire, Medication, and P.D. In addition to driving the fire truck in the series, Ferraris is a real-life firefighter who did the good job before heading into his creative profession.


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