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These characters deserve a happy ending for their past


Numerous characters in Lucifer just did not do well, whether at work, in personal relationships or in all areas of their lives although they would deserve something better than what they have gotten up until now, and today we provide them to you:

Ella Lopez

She (Aimee Garcia) has a lot of time to turn things around, considering she is among the youngest characters on the Lucifer program. She can’t appear to take a break when it comes to romantic relationships.

Chloe decker

Chloe (Lauren German) is a strong and resilient individual who can make it through numerous trials. Chloe still misses her daddy, who died a while earlier on the Lucifer series.

He inspired her to be an investigator and they were extremely close. She went through a divorce and for a while, it looked like she and Dan could not remain good friends on Lucifer. An immortal assassin pursued her and then threatened her life.

Add to that the stress triggered by her job and her relationship with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) on the show, it’s a little marvel Chloe hasn’t broken up with her remarkable story.

Charlotte richards

Charlotte is among the few characters on the Lucifer show who fulfilled her to an unfortunate end and it is unlikely that she will return from it. Charlotte had to deal with losing a part of her life when Lucifer’s mom, the Goddess, abducted her body.

Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) later passed away when she attempted to safeguard Amenadiel (D.B Woodside) from the murderer Cain (Tom Welling), also known as Marcus Pierce. At least her soul made it to paradise, however Charlotte still should have much better in Lucifer.

Undoubtedly, some characters in the Lucifer series have actually not had their last end and others have the possibility of returning in the remainder of the series however this does not get rid of the reality of their tragic stories.


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