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‘The Witcher 3’ will be available for the brand-new Tesla Design S


Elon Musk and the Tesla group revamped the Tesla Design S with an integrated video game hardware that can compete with brand-new generation consoles. According to Elon Musk’s declaration, Tesla Model S will be able to play ‘The Witcher 3’.

Presented with the images shared today and totally restored Tesla Design S; It brought in excellent attention with its brand-new futuristic interior design, a brand-new steering wheel with butterfly design and an increase in range. According to a report from Elon Musk, the brand-new Tesla Model S will also have new merits that will offer a ‘more satisfying gaming experience’.

Tesla cars and truck chauffeurs have been playing video games for about 3 years whenever they are tired in the driver’s seat. In this journey, which first started with classic arcade video games in the in-car video game system called TeslAtari, the drivers will be able to play games that can be used brand-new generation consoles in the vehicle.

Elon Musk revealed the news with a fun tweet:

According to the news, the restored Tesla Design S will feature a hardware that will compete with the brand-new generation game consoles. Thanks to the multimedia screen that is made horizontal and the resolution has actually been increased from 1900 ×1200 to 2200 ×1300, drivers will have the ability to play many video games in their vehicles.

Elon Musk preferred to make a small survey on his Twitter account while providing this news and asked his followers; ‘Would you like to play The Witcher on your brand-new Tesla Model S?’.

It is believed that various games can be played in Tesla Model S:

With this new and powerful hardware news, it is thought that numerous ‘new generation’ games can be played in Tesla Model S. Nevertheless, obviously, in order to experience the pleasure of playing in this ‘self-governing lorry’, you require to have approximately 80,000 dollars.


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