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Last year, Tim climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and because of the current crisis is now focusing on an upcoming 100- mile race in Colorado. He is the owner of a successful family pet reward business and takes his German shepherd, Ronin, on his escapades.

Cheryl, the founder of a Fortune 5000 business, is also a champ water skier. She plays chess in the park at midday most days. She is the epitome of healthy, wealthy and wise.

Emmaus is looking forward to an epic hike on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, in Peru. Every year he takes a 10- to 14- day experience with his household of 5 to find out the essence of organization from nature.

These and lots of other business owners are displaying a more holistic experience of life and company. They are not seeking the legendary “life balance.” They focus on life integration. These owners and leaders also appear to excel in life and take pleasure in life more than a number of their predecessors.

Why? The positioning of body, beliefs and service. A top priority of physical, mental and functional objectives provides the driver for increased success.

In my countless hours of discussions with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I’ve looked for the results of this alignment. What does an integration of body, beliefs and company produce? It gives them what I’ve identified the E.D.G.E.

1. Energy

People with the E.D.G.E. meet every day with positive expectations. After rising early they do what doctors and fitness specialists have been begging us to do for many years. They drink a large glass of water, exercise, and eat a healthy breakfast. This enables them to enter their work energized and focused.

That’s not earth-shattering, however the things that make the largest effect hardly ever are. Beginning the day with a predictable and favorable ritual ensures the best beginning and creates more energy for the day.

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2. Drive

Business Owners with the E.D.G.E. do not limit their drive exclusively to business. They are travelers in all elements of life. “Having it all” is not a wish but something to be pursued. Whether it’s family, pals, travel, workouts, meetings, yoga, meditation or personal retreats, they are driven toward an ultimate outcome for their lives. The objective is combination throughout the board, without compromising any location of life.

Drive is often puzzled with obsession. The key is to have a healthy drive towards a specific location instead of an imbalanced concentrate on extreme expectations.

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3. Generosity

This shouldn’t have been surprising. During our conversations, lots of business owners mentioned sharing: sharing knowledge, sharing experiences, sharing faster ways. They desire the very best for everyone around them. They are not selfish and self-indulgent; they wish to give in a manner in which betters those around them.

As one founder put it, “I like to offer ‘experience rewards.’ When I return from a break, the team constantly wishes to know where I went and what I did. After some quick highlights, I ask who else would like to do that. Most of the time every hand goes up. So I chose to make that part of the reward– over and above compensation. The high performers on the group are gifted the trip. They would never ever invest personal cash on it, so they get to see the world through a different lens on our cent.”

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4. Enthusiasm

This might sound comparable to energy. Energy is internal and fuels the external. Interest is external and fuels the internal. In business owners, this characteristic produces commitment, enjoyment, trust and belief. Even in failure, the interest flows.

Kathy, who began a marketing firm 5 years back, says, “I am enthusiastic about and to my employees. I look for their strength and presents, then I recognize them openly. I desire my group to understand their worth. With customers, I discover their essential differentiator and boast on them for it. It allows us to rally around a common cause as the relationship advances. I am passionate about my work. Favorable outcomes and outcomes affirm customers, employees and me.”

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For a business owner, it may be more crucial now than ever to gain the E.D.G.E. Life can be disjointed. Service can become a silo. Physical and psychological health can be overlooked. An integrated holistic life may be simply the advantage a detached entrepreneur requirements.

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