All advantages must pertain to an end.

On a comparable note, the truth television professions of all elitists and racists likewise must come to an end.

Sooner rather than later on, we hope and presume.

Real Housewives of Orange County on Set

In the wake of an explosive Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special– which featured Kelly Dodd screaming about getting canceled and claiming she isn’t prejudiced versus Black people– speculation is now running rampant.

Modifications are on the way.

Following Wednesday evening’s conclusion of Season 15 reunion, host Andy Cohen hinted at a likely cast shakeup during an unanticipated Twitter exchange.

Initially, reporter and Genuine Homemakers superfan Evan Ross Katz tweeted, “It’s time to cancel RHOC,” which prompted The View’s Meghan McCain to accept a simple:

” Yes.”

arguing housewives

This is where Cohen jumped in to the frray, replying to both as follows: “I believe you imply reBOOT.”

The previous season of the long-running franchise has been a contentious one.

It included Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Kelly Dodd, Shannon Beador, Gina Kirschenheiter, Emily Simpson and Elizabeth Lyn Vargas.

Braunwyn has actually especially been on a journey of sobriety and personal growth all season … likewise recently came out as a lesbian.

sad rinna lisa

Throughout the two-part reunion, Dodd (who sucks!) accused Braunwyn of being a “fake alcoholic” and a “phony.”

Kelly independently told E! News that none of the cast member have a relationship with Braunwyn since the emotional taping.

” No, I have not talked to her at all. No one has,” Dodd alleged to this outlet.

” She’s totally alienated herself from the group. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with any of us, but then she’ll go hang out with Salt Lake City women.

” It’s so beyond me. It’s an ensemble cast, we have actually got relationships and she’s completely alienated herself.”

Kelly Dodd on the Set

Dodd doesn’t think she’ll be back on Season 16, either.

She has actually mentioned, for one thing, that she will not return of Braunwyn is asked back.

And she also said the following to Bustle:

” My castmates talk at me, they discuss me, but they never talk to me.

Now knowing the truth and what people are saying, I give up.

” I am waving the white flag. I can’t keep doing this.”

kelly dodd speaks

Dodd hasn’t really stop, obviously.

However she anticipates getting fired because she’s a fan of Donald Trump and she’s an ignorant and harmful fool who does not think in wearing a mask in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

” They better not fire you, people are fed up with the cancel culture,” a fan wrote in a talk about Kelly’s latest post.

” It’s likely to occur,” Kelly responded of her potential exit from the program.


Somehow, Dodd truly does appear to have a following.

” You got fired for questioning masks and supporting Trump?! Braunwyn admits to attempting to get a 14- year-old drugs and she’s offered Kleenex?” another fan asked, including that Braunwyn “must be gone!”

” Pretty much,” Kelly confirmed.


This is not so, naturally.

No one has actually yet been fired.

Kelly likewise got a message from a viewer who praised her for calling out “the woke” and the “peaceful protestors” for their alleged hypocrisy.

Furthermore, this individual thanked Dodd for positioning a spotlight on the battles of small companies.

” Thank you for speaking something other than the story,” the fan composed.


In action, the polarizing character said she will be release from the series because producers prefer Braunwyn.

” I’m fired ensured because of my beliefs take a look at [Thomas Kelly‘s] Instagram. He’s my manufacturer and claims [Braunwyn Windham-Burke],” Kelly claimed.

We’ll soon discover what sort of modifications Cohen has been hinting at on social media.

And we won’t shed a tear is it includes Kelly Dodd.


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