150W fast charging technology is coming step by step. Moreover, the pioneer of the technology that will be put into use very soon has been determined.

In the phone world, fast charging solutions are developing day by day. Technology, which has made incredible progress especially in the last two years, has passed another important threshold. Just after OPPO announced 125W fast charging technology a while ago, now faster has come. Leaks in the past days were that a phone that supports 150W will be introduced soon. With the development today, it became clear which smartphone this is.

Phones with new Snapdragon chips will charge with 150W

Released its first smartphone last July, Qualcomm continues to advance at full speed in this area. The company is bringing the chipset that will be called Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 according to some sources on November 30. Allegedly, the chipset that Qualcomm will release in late 2021 will provide support for speeds up to 150W.

Previously, the user named Digital Chat Station made a statement from announcing that 150W fast charges will come soon. He did not include any other details in his description. The user made a detailed explanation today. The user said in a statement on the same site:

The 150W production model is indeed on the way. However, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which is planned to be released towards the end of November, comes with this technology. It won’t be long before we see 150W fast charging technology.

According to Digital Chat Station, chargers of 120W and above will enter our lives in a very short time. Since 2020, fast chargers of 100W and above have been widely used. In 2021, this revolution continued with 120W fast charges on the Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus and Xiaomi Mix 4. OPPO, which went one step further, introduced 125W supercharger technology.

The company stated that 125W can charge the smartphone to 100 percent in less than 20 minutes. Digital Chat Station, on the other hand, claimed that the new 150W fast charging technology will fill the smartphone to full capacity in 10 minutes. It is known that fast charging damages the life of today’s batteries. Whether batteries can keep up with the advancement of fast charging technology is already a matter of curiosity.

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