The year starts with extremely fascinating indie releases. Here we find the best independent computer game of January 2021 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Brand-new year, brand-new indies. It is still too early to know if 2021 will bring us a title at the height of Undertale, Hollow Knight, Celeste and Hades, to call simply a couple of examples of classy, but we want to be the first to discover out if that happens.

January is a fine example that the independent scene is not impacted by the modifications of the year and always brings quality, variety and innovation to the release calendar. Only in this post you will discover an ARPG of procedural weapons and a metroidvania of cost effective trouble and which we will not compare with either Hollow Knight or Dark Souls. That really is development! Yes there will be mentions of Zelda, but something had to be noted that this holy house is governed by the guidelines of Salva Fernández. There will likewise be nods to retro to keep Fran Serrano happy, let alone. And with in charges pleased and you starving for brand-new indies, it’s time to meet the 7 finest of January 2021.

Cyber Shadow (Yacht Club Games)

A heart-stopping pixel-art, a platform worthwhile of the finest 8 bits and an obvious devotion to Ninja Gaiden, one of the most precious legends of the video game. Especially if we take into account that the work of Aarne ‘MekaSkull’ Hunziker will have the assistance in the circulation of Luxury yacht Club Games, creators of the exceptional Shovel Knight.

Cyber Shadow takes us to a future tyrannized by an evil medical professional and his robotic army. It will depend on us, an agile cyberninja and dexterous with the edge, to save the world. She will likewise have to rescue other members of the ninja clan, who will reward us with brand-new skills. Although the connection with Ninja Gaiden is certified with an easy look at the images of the game, details such as the acquisition of abilities as you advance in the game also remind of Mega Man, another colossus of platform action. Of course, the gameplay, soundtrack and looks assure to carry us to the times when the next-gen consisted of releasing batteries for our Game Boy.

The work released by Yacht Club Games will include an extra that will charm Shovel Knight fans who play Cyber Shadow on their Nintendo Switch.

Everspace 2 (RockFish Games)

If Hades revealed us something in 2015, it deserves following the development of games in Early Access. The Supergiant Games title ended its Early Access developed into a more than worthwhile GOTY competitor. Now, RockFish Games wants to do the same with Everspace 2, an area adventure that can now be evaluated on Steam. Those who do will discover themselves in a game of interstellar expedition and shooting aboard futuristic ships.

Of the more than 25 hours and 8 systems that the work guarantees, the premiere in Early Gain access to offers about 12 hours of gameplay and a couple of systems available. In them it will be essential to shoot, it would be needed more, but also to improve the devices and gather minerals while we explore completions of space. In those RPG airs resides much of the appeal of the Everspace legend, whose very first installation had a really positive approval amongst critics and the public. Now it’s time for its follow up to take its primary steps in Early Gain access to and for players to help enhance it.

Skul: The Hero Slayer (SouthPAW Games)

From a video game that starts its Early Gain access to, we go to another that has just abandoned it.

Rather of embodying the hero of humankind who releases the Earth from the yoke of devils, in Skul: The Hero Slayer the opposite takes place. You can see for yourself by buying the game on Steam.

Ancient Abyss (Screambox Studio)

Traditionally, January is a hectic month of ins and outs in Steam’s Early Access program. Many benefit from it at the beginning of the year with the aim of growing their proposal for at least the rest of the year, while others take advantage of the calendar modification to debut in design. Like Everspace 2, Ancient Abyss belongs to the first group and Screambox Studio intends to squeeze the possibilities of feedback and enhancement that Early Gain access to offers. The goal, to polish to the optimum his specific analysis of the Zelda saga. This is the simply and essential zeldera referral that enables Salva to sleep a little much better in the evening.

Jokes aside, the fact is that the connection in between Ancient Abyss and the veteran Nintendo saga is obvious. A lot so that the creators of this indie themselves speak of their work as a Zelda-like influenced by the 2D period of the franchise. The result of following Link’s teachings is a roguelite with a great deal of focus on exploring a procedurally created dungeon. Screambox not only beverages from Lake Hylia, however adds an extra speed, cartwheels and dashes that give the title a mad speed. In addition, as each run advances we can customize the character’s abilities enabling him to strike more difficult after evading or permitting him to revive if an opponent sends us to the Kakariko cemetery. The range of weapons, attacks and environments to explore make Ancient Abyss a title to be carefully seen by Zelda fans. We trust that an excellent adventure will come out of this Early Access.

Sword of the Necromancer (Grimoire of Games)

From dungeon to dungeon and I shoot because it’s my turn. Or, put in another more easy to understand way, a role-playing video game in which you check out dungeons and in which your arsenal of weapons is renewed with each video game.

Sword of the Necromancer also stands out for including the alternative to utilize our sword to revive beat enemies and turn them into allies. Particularly if you try their local cooperative, one of the fantastic destinations of the video game and another reason why Sword of the Necromancer swept their Kickstarter project.

Olija (Skeleton Crew Studio)

The Devolver Digital seal is constantly a warranty of quality.

Like several of the members on this list, Olija is a two-dimensional action platformer. Instead

r from strolling to select up the harpoon and fill the action counter of our activity bracelet, Olija gives us the choice of teleporting around the phase.

Sunshine (Krillbite Studio)

2021 has begun strong? Taking into account that 2020 was not a particularly relaxing year, at MeriStation we have been setting ourselves the duty of suggesting video games that provide us a break for some time.

Krillbite Studio’s proposal is really simple and consists of walking through its digital forest. Now that the most practical thing to do is remain at house and contact with nature is limited, Sunshine gives us the opportunity to stretch our legs for half an hour. On this short walk we will see hand painted trees and take pleasure in relaxing sounds. We do not know when we will stop receiving bad luck in mobile notices, however works like Sunlight help us forget them for a moment. You can take pleasure in an enjoyable walk if you first make a stop at Steam, where Sunlight is available for 3.59 euros.

Indies for Valentine’s Day

Up until now the review of the most popular indies that will reach computer systems and consoles in January2021 As a reward, we suggest that you do not misplace Encodya, Down in Bermuda and Bezier: Second Edition, other video games with which start the year in the best way. Now is the time to start tracking indies for February, a scrumptious alternative like Valentine’s Day chocolates. And more original, where does it stop. We are encouraged that next month we will surprise you with a list loaded with independent works that will make you fall in love. Don’t miss it!


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