Tesla has made some charging stations around Ukraine free for all electric cars. With this move, the company will help people trying to survive the Russian attacks.

Russia’s invasion attempt against Ukraine had great repercussions around the world. Governments have already begun to impose official sanctions against Russia. The private sector, on the other hand, has almost started to leave Russia. Now, there has been another remarkable development on this issue. This time, Tesla pressed the button for Ukraine.

The people of Ukraine almost started an all-out war against the unjust occupation of Russia. The people of the country volunteered regardless of men or women and started to hold guns to prevent the invasion of Russia. But there are also those who are unable to fight. Especially people with small children are trying to get out of Ukraine. That’s exactly what Tesla’s decision is about. The company started to offer free charging service for owners of electric cars that managed to leave Ukraine.

Email sent to vehicle owners

Tesla announced its decision regarding charging stations in an e-mail sent to consumers. In this e-mail; It was stated that the charging stations in Trzebownisko in Poland, Kosice in Slovakia, Miskolc and Debrecen in Hungary can be used free of charge. Moreover, it has been announced that the free charging service is not only valid for the Tesla brand, and that all electric motor cars can benefit from this service.

In fact, Tesla is pleased to offer free charging in emergencies. However, all free recharge cases to date have been caused by natural disasters. For the first time ever, the company is trying to help people in a man-made crisis, and the move seems likely to please the innocent trying to get away from the war in Ukraine.

By the way; You may be confused by the fact that Tesla’s decision for Ukraine is not applied in Ukraine, but in the surrounding countries. Let’s explain now; Tesla does not officially operate in Ukraine. The stations, which the company calls “Supercharger”, do not serve within the borders of Ukraine for the time being. So that was all Tesla could do.


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