Wednesday, November 23, 2022
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Symbolic step in the Huawei Honor split


Huawei eliminated the Honor brand in November. Hence, Huawei intended to safeguard Honor from the terrible effect of the trade war in between the United States and China.

Among the symbolic actions expected after this separation lastly came. Honor branded products were eliminated from Huawei’s e-commerce website Vmall, operating in China.

Honor has actually released a website called Honor Shop to sell its own products. However, it was stated that numerous items are not in stock and page errors are given up the version of this shop operating in China. Present signs indicate that the website is still under advancement.

When the word Honor is searched in Vmall, the users stated, “Sorry, Honor products have been gotten rid of from the store. You can purchase Huawei products if you wish.” A message appears. When the word Honor is composed in Chinese, zero results are shown and Huawei branded items are advised to users.


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