There is no doubt that BTS is an inspiration to their ARMY around the world; the meaning of their songs or the way of being of each member give a positive message to their fans. And Lee Sunmi, an Olympic athlete in Tokyo 2020, is one of them and did not hesitate to reveal that her greatest motivation is Suga.

The young athlete came in fourth place at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in the weightlifting category +87 kilos.

The results she got at the Olympics meant a lot to Lee Sunmi’s career, because she thinks she will do better later.

“After going to the Olympics, I thought she could do better next time. When I first experienced support and encouragement, I thought that I should work hard in the future. I think I can lift weights for a clear reason, ”she stated in a recent interview with K-Media.

Also, Lee Sunmi indicated that her goal is to get on the podium, win the gold medal in Paris 2024 and shout: “I am a fan of Suga.”

At another point, the Korean athlete said that Bangtan and her themes, in addition to Min Yoongi, were her motivation while she trained.

“BTS songs were that force that helped me during practice. They are like vitamin to me and Suga is really lovely. ”

Throughout the South Korean competitions in Tokyo 2020, BTS was an inspiration to many of their athletes. For the same reason, athletes requested that their greatest hits such as “Dynamite” or “Butter” be sounded when they won first place.

BTS supports Tokyo 2020 athletes

In addition, one of the members of BTS sent his support in Tokyo 2020. He was Taehyung, who did not hesitate to encourage Shin Yu Bin, a young tennis player of the Korean team and a fervent ARMY.


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