Suga’s birthday is here, the singer took the opportunity to meet BTS fans in a live broadcast and thank them for their well wishes to him. We tell you about some of the best moments.

Following the tradition that when a member of BTS celebrates his birthday he shares a special moment with ARMY through a V Live, Suga turned on this app and surprised everyone, especially since this time the transmission occurred earlier than expected.

Yoongi commemorates his birthday on March 9, so in Korea it’s time to start the celebration, however, although live broadcasts often come at the end of this special day, this time it was the opposite.

The reason was that Suga and the rest of the BTS members have been rehearsing for their next concerts, so the idol preferred to advance his meeting with ARMY. What happened on this live?


Suga’s adorable cake

To celebrate this day, Yoongi had a cute and very original cake, the dessert had a white cat figure and in addition to a cute expression, he wore small glasses on his forehead. When Suga showed it in front of the camera, he highlighted the phrase written in blue where “Happy Suga Day” could be read, he proceeded to light the candle and told ARMY to sing him happy birthday please. AWW!

The excitement before the concert

Although Suga admitted that thanks to the congratulations from the fans he will surely have a very good day, there is another thing that makes him very happy and that is that soon BTS will be able to meet with Korean ARMY in Person. PTD On Stage’s concerts are drawing near and he admitted that the members of the group are looking forward to the day of the show.

Yoongi gives tips for PTD On Stage

The idol pointed out that in case they go to see them at the live concerts, fans should bundle up and wear warm clothes because it will definitely be cold. But he also told those who will not be able to go see them not to be discouraged, in the first place they can see them from home and that way they will be able to shout and sing as always (because inside the enclosure that will not be allowed), but even if they do not manage to see them that way, there will be more concerts later.

Did Suga write new songs?

The BTS rapper confessed that although he still writes diaries, he is not doing well creating new songs, as according to his statement, he has not received much inspiration to create melodies these days.

Suga’s age after his birthday

Although in the international count Yoongi is turning 29 years old, according to the Korean age he is already 30. However, both ARMY and the idol pointed out that they still could not believe it, that is why this artist said that in the end age is only a number, but also joked by adding:

I still have 22 in my heart

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