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Home Celebrity Such an intense sun: the gunman quickly arrested by the authorities?

Such an intense sun: the gunman quickly arrested by the authorities?


How are the police going to corner the shooter of So Huge Sun? While Elise had to play the bait, the plan did not work …

The shooter causes trouble in So Huge Sun, however the tide starts to turn! Elise did undoubtedly play the bait … A plan that didn’t actually work. Often possibility does things well!

Due To The Fact That Elise is no longer scared of the shooter.

As the cops desert the trail, Elise needs to return house. But surprise in A so big sun the shooter turned around at the last moment! He is for that reason on the way to the policewoman …

She runs into him as she strolls in. She discovers her reflexes quickly, secures her weapon initially, and points it at him! Victory: the cops will lastly get their hands on the shooter … However the guy has resources!

He takes out a photo.


He hence recalls their first conference with Elise.

Elise then restores ascendancy in Un si grand soleil. She provides her side of the story in this method: she recommended that Moretti challenge her daughter’s former spouse … Due to the fact that Emma didn’t wish to push charges!

Throughout this tense minute, the policewoman still manages to keep her cool. So she takes her phone, and quietly calls Sophia to tape the whole discussion on her voice mail …

She provides the message without hold-up to Manu: he will have the ability to intervene! He leaves whatever to join Elise … Could this be completion of the shooter’s flight? Answer next week in Un si grand soleil!


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