When a group of health employees in Oregon was stuck on a highway throughout a snowstorm, they needed to believe fast to ensure the staying COVID-19 vaccine dosages they had on hand were administered before they ended– leading them to immunize the other stranded motorists around them.

On Wednesday, health employees with the Josephine County Public Health Department in Grants Pass, Ore., were trying to return from a mass vaccination clinic they held at the Illinois Valley High School, about 45 minutes away, when a huge snowstorm stranded them on Highway 199 near Hayes Hill.

Unsure how long they would be stuck for, the team thought better than to let the shots go to waste. Staff members walked car to car, offering the jab to other drivers stranded around them.

Unsure the length of time they would be stuck for, the team believed much better than to let the shots go to lose. Team member strolled car to vehicle, using the jab to other chauffeurs stranded around them.
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The group had six doses of the Moderna vaccine left, with patients in Grants Pass excitedly waiting for the health workers’ return so they could receive the jab.

” We had one individual who was so pleased, he took his shirt off and jumped out of the vehicle,” Michael Weber, Josephine County’s public health director, told the New York Times.


” Truthfully, once we understood we weren’t going to be back in town in time to use the vaccine, it was just the obvious option,” included Weber.


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