The actor of the series Plus belle la vie, Stéphane Hénon has revealed that he is leaving his wife Isabelle. We provide you more information.

Stéphane Hénon of Plus belle la vie has actually revealed that he is separating from his partner Isabelle.

Life does not seem so good any longer for the actor in the hit soap opera France 3. Fans of Plus belle la vie recently found that their favorite actor had separated from his partner.

Stéphane Hénon announced his divorce in an interview with Télé Loisirs. The interpreter of Jean-Paul Boher is therefore no longer with his better half.

It makes you wonder if fiction strangely follows reality for the star. His character in the French series also has marital issues.

Fans of the daytime drama understand that Jean-Paul Boher’s ex-wife Samia has vanished. As he prepares to quit his police duties to begin a new life.

We need to confess that the writers and manufacturers of the series have been hard on the character of Stéphane Hénon. He discovers himself at the heart of one of the intrigues of the minute in Plus belle la vie.

In the TELEVISION show Concerns from fans of Télé Loisirs, the young star confided in his daily life. He explains that it is becoming difficult for him to handle his private and professional life.

He confesses that he has difficulty discovering the balance in between shooting the series and his personal life. Would it pertain to her divorce? We inform you whatever.


” I simply got separated,” actor Stéphane Hénon simply reveals.

He explains in fact that he has “a parallel” with his character, which he finds quite unexpected. “My personal life and fiction typically come together” adds Stéphane Hénon.

The star discusses that regardless of this hard duration, whatever is going well for him. “It is true that it is quite complicated however it is done,” he confides.

He likewise defines that whatever is occurring with his ex-wife. The ex-spouses have actually undoubtedly stayed on good terms.

” And it’s going really well with my ex-wife, so it’s alright. You understand whatever. I said all of it, I enjoy, “he lastly confesses, noticeably relieved to have actually told his fans.

So would he be ready for another relationship? For the minute, the star of Plus belle la vie has actually declined to offer more details on this subject.

But if his life is motivated by that of his character, the actor might fall for starlet Marie Hennerez. Her character, Jean-Paul Boher in the soap opera has a crush on her!

You ought to understand that it was on the set of Plus belle la vie that he met his ex-wife Isabelle. Undoubtedly, the latter was in charge of the interaction of the series!


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