SpeedTest’s iOS app can now benchmark your internet’s video streaming quality, Ookla announced today. While the service generally checks general connection metrics like maximum download and upload speeds and latency, the new test is focused particularly on video.

Ookla discusses that it added the new test since of just how much of our time invested in the web involves streaming video. While its basic speed tests give a general concept of your overall network bandwidth, Ookla mentions that web service providers often “prioritize video traffic in a different way than other traffic.” This implies the very best method to benchmark video streaming efficiency is eventually just to stream video samples, considering that it “can not be simulated throughout a network.”

The test works by literally streaming video, a procedure Ookla says can’t be simulated.
Image: Ookla

The video streaming test is just offered in the service’s iOS app for now, though Ookla says it’s coming to more platforms quickly. During the test, the app streams a video at a variety of resolutions, before listing information like your web connection’s maximum resolution, and video streaming load time.

SpeedTest’s video streaming criteria is available with the service’s most current iOS update, together with a somewhat revamped user interface.


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