Friday, September 2, 2022
Home Tech SpaceX Takes Super Heavy Rocket To Launch Pad; See Images

SpaceX Takes Super Heavy Rocket To Launch Pad; See Images


SpaceX transported the Super Heavy rocket to its launch pad. Also known as Booster 4, the 70-metre-high vehicle was lifted using a giant crane — a step that was attended by the company’s CEO, Elon Musk. The billionaire was present to watch the preparations and shared on his social networks some photos to record the action, whose beginning of operations promises to revolutionize space tourism. Check out!

The images provide more details about the 29 installed Raptor thrusters, which had their first glimpses revealed last Tuesday (3rd). In the coming months, an orbital flight is expected to test the equipment, which will take the Starship SN20 prototype to make a tour around the Earth. After its operation, it will descend into the Pacific Ocean near the Hawaiian island of Kauai, while Booster 4 will land in the Gulf of Mexico shortly after performing its function.

The rocket will be the first case of a fully reusable vehicle in future space travel. The company is one of the biggest promises of sending people and cargo to different places in space, such as Mars and the Moon, and safely descending to Earth to reuse the devices in other missions.

The builds of the Super Heavy and Starship models are still expected to undergo many revisions soon, as well as other safety and logistical tests.


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