Casio carried the iconic G-Shock series, which entered our lives about 40 years ago, into the future. The company, which reinterprets the muscular design of the series, came up with the G-Squad Pro smart watch, which is based on difficult conditions.

The first Casio G-Shock smartwatch: G-Squad Pro and its features

Casio decided to make the G-Shock watch line smart. Casio smart watch G-Squad Pro also follows the design lines of its predecessor G-Shock series. Reflecting this muscular design, G-Squad Pro is waterproof up to 200 meters.

The watch, which takes the waterproof feature of the G-Shock series, is also resistant to 20 bar water pressure. This value is the lowest pressure level required for high pressure and water sports.

The Casio G-Shock smart watch LCD screen has an always on display feature. This round screen has a resolution of 360 x 360 and a size of 1.2 inches. The screen, which is used as a double layer, can be used in both color and black and white.

According to Casio’s data, the battery of the smart watch can last approximately one and a half days on the color screen. When the G-Squad smartwatch is used only for the watch function and basic sensors, the battery life extends up to a month. According to Casio, the smart watch takes 3 hours to fully charge.

G-Squad Pro appeals to sports enthusiasts. The durable smartwatch includes settings for basic sports such as running, swimming, walking, and cycling. In addition to these settings, it also has support for a total of 15 activities such as fishing, surfing and skiing.

The smart watch also has the feature of projecting two sports activities on the screen at the same time. However, with the G-Shock smart watch application, it is possible to track all activities and access historical data.

Casio equipped the smart watch with GPS, compass and basic sensors such as barometer, gyrometer, accelerometer. The new Casio smartwatch also has important sensors such as oxygen saturation, heart rate, sleep and stress monitoring.

The company used titanium under the G-Squad Pro case, and aluminum alloy in the buttons and basic parts.

Price and colors of G-Squad Pro

The model, which will be presented to the US and UK markets by Casio for the first time, has a sales price of $ 699. This price is set at £ 599 in the UK market. The smart watch colors will be red, black and blue.


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