Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Sky Announces Kinect-Style Camera In Partnership With Microsoft


Microsoft: Kinect may be gone from the Xbox, but its technology has never completely disappeared. Now, the latest company to “resurrect” the device is Sky, which has announced a new camera in partnership with Microsoft that brings technologies from the iconic video game accessory.

The Sky Glass Camera is an accessory designed first to allow Sky viewers to watch their favorite shows with friends and family from a distance. Using the camera, you can sync Smart TVs and follow the same programs while you make a video call appearing in the corner of the screen.

But it’s not just the look and the partnership with Microsoft that make the Sky Glass Camera look a lot like Kinect. As it could not be lacking, the camera is compatible with motion controls.

You can use the accessory to control your TV by gestures and voice, and even play some compatible apps like Fruit Ninja. Among the voice controls, the Sky Glass Camera already comes with support for the command “Sky, Xbox”, which makes the TV automatically put on the HDMI input where your Xbox is connected. And if that doesn’t remind you of Kinect, nothing will.

The accessory is available for “pre-registration” in the United States, but Sky has not revealed the exact date it will be released. His ad was part of a company presentation, where the new Sky Glass Smart TVs were also unveiled, which will already come with Sky’s decoder inside them.


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