A private TV channel in South Korea will reenact the vocalist Kwang-Seok, who passed away 25 years earlier. The channel, which will clone Seok’s voice with artificial intelligence algorithms, will meet South Koreans with a program that it will transmit next week.

Expert system, which has started to dominate almost every part of our lives, will enliven a new project of a personal television channel serving in South Korea. The channel team will carry out a program called “Contest of the Century” for the artists who lost their lives. The very first visitor of the program to air next week will be Kwang-Seok, who died 25 years ago.

Channel authorities will clone Kwang-Seok’s voice, according to the information obtained. Operations with numerous algorithms will allow the vocalist, one of the legends of South Korea, to sing once again.

Similar projects have been implemented before

South Korea likes to utilize AI for dead vocalists. In addition, the legal representatives of the singers who lost their lives do not lean towards this scenario.

Seok was one of South Korea’s top singers in the 90 s. An extremely big sector, primarily young individuals, are still enthusiastic about the works of the singer who passed away 25 years ago …


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