After experiencing technical difficulties Friday, the Signal messaging app seems back up and running. The business tweeted Saturday night that it was “back,” although included that some users might still see mistake messages in their chats. The company didn’t discuss what triggered the outage.

Signal is back! Thanks to the millions of brand-new Signal users around the world for your persistence.

For users still be seeing error messages in their chats– which the business said was a “negative effects” of the blackout that started around 11: 30 AM ET Friday– Signal tweeted that those messages do not impact security, rather that you might have missed a message from another user. This will be repaired in the next app updates, the business said.

It provided two repairs if users wish to clear the mistake messages by hand: On Android, tap the menu in the top-right corner and pick “reset protected session.” For iOS users of Signal tap the “reset session” button located below “gotten message was out of sync.”

The mistakes do not affect chat security & will be instantly fixed in the next app update.

Signal permits safe and secure and encrypted video, voice, and text communication, and in the previous weeks has actually seen a surge of brand-new users to its app, after CEO Elon Musk tweeted his recommendation, and as competing service WhatsApp unveiled a confusing brand-new personal privacy policy, which it’s now pressed back numerous months.

Throughout the interruption, the Signal tweeted that it was “working as rapidly as possible to bring additional capacity online to deal with peak traffic levels.”

The business did not right away respond to a demand from The Edge for more talk about Sunday.


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