The most current version of Signal for both iOS (5.3.1) and Android (5.3.7) brings a number of brand-new additions to the significantly popular encrypted messaging app. The iOS app now manages data more effectively, too, bringing it closer to include parity with the Android app.

Messaging apps like Signal and Telegram have seen a rise in development in recent weeks. Signal was assisted by a recommendation from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, while both taken advantage of the reaction to Facebook’s complicated brand-new privacy policy for WhatsApp.

The new features were initially announced on January 11 th, and Android Police reported on them rolling out in the beta variation of Signal for Android last week Friday.

The iOS app, meanwhile, is also more efficient with information. iPhone users will see a brand-new setting to lower data usage during calls, an option to instantly pause accessory downloads during calls, and improved image compression to name a few enhancements.

Here’s a preview at some new Signal features that will start presenting in a couple of days:

– Chat wallpapers!

– About field for your Signal profile

– Animated sticker labels

– For iOS: Media auto-download settings and full-screen profile pictures (to match Android)

Excellent early morning!

— Signal (@signalapp) January 12,2021

Signal has actually long been a popular messaging alternative for those focused on the security of their communications– the European Commission told staff to switch to Signify in February 2020, for example– and Signal is still concentrated on launching brand-new security-focused features, such as encrypted group video calls. More consumer-focused functions like wallpapers and stickers might make Signal feel more friendly for users coming to the app from WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, and, preferably, keep them on Signal over the long term.


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