SHINee’s Key’s health worries his fans after it was revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19. However, this is the idol’s stance towards his illness, look what happened!

As we all know, the year 2020 gave way to a new virus called COVID-19, making us all take certain precautions and thus avoid getting infected; being forced to stay at home.

After two years of the pandemic, things have changed and little by little our activities have returned to normal. Thanks to more control, we have gone out from home, this being the case of SHINee’s Key, who has been seen on TV shows and doing activities.

Unfortunately, the disease has not stopped and more people have been infected. Our K-Pop idols are no exception, due to his busy schedule, SHINee’s Key tested positive for COVID-19.


SM Entertainment released a statement informing SHAWOL about the rapper and singer’s health status. The agency revealed that on March 1, the interpreter of ”Bad love” after presenting discomfort in his health, underwent a self-diagnosis kit.

After testing positive, Key underwent a PCR test, in which he tested positive for COVID-19. Fortunately, Key has his vaccine doses and is now recovering, since he was forced to move his entire schedule and thus start his quarantine.

Meanwhile, the singer and rapper began with all the care to stay better at home and take his medication.


While we know that SHAWOL is very important to this charismatic idol, Key was quick to keep his fans informed about how he initiated his quarantine and is currently staying home. How?

Well, the rapper did not hesitate to post a video on his Instagram Stories, where he is seen using a Spider-Man filter. Yes! The filter simulates that the idol is in the arms of this legendary superhero, simulating that they run through the city with the support of the power of the spider web.

In this Story we can see in large letters: Quarantine life.

Key shares his quarantine with Spiderman. Instagram @bumkeyk

It is more than clear to us that the idol has an excellent sense of humor, since he did not hesitate to publish a second Story where we see a thermometer and in large letters: Get away virus (Get away virus). LOL!

Key takes his quarantine with humor. Instagram @bumkeyk

Although we can’t help but feel concern for the rapper, he certainly knew how to make us smile, whether it’s good or bad, Key always makes us laugh.

Through social networks, SHAWOL has not stopped showing his support for the singer’s condition and wishing him a speedy recovery. We can’t wait to see him back in action in his next projects that were postponed.

Remember soon, Key! fighting!

Recently, it was also revealed that BLACKPINK’s Rosé tested positive for COVID, how is his health?


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