After 14 years and 20 seasons, Staying Up To Date With The Kardashians is concerning an end.

The landmark truth series begins its last season on March 18.

In a new teaser, one month prior to the start of completion, we see Scott and Kourtney have a really real talk.

Scott informs her that he ‘d marry her … but we notice a “but” beginning.

Scott and Kourt in Tahiti

A previous preview revealed to the world that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were spotted snuggling.

That’s absolutely nothing brand-new by itself– how else did they have 3 kids together?

In the context of exes and co-parents appearing to create reasons to spend time alone together … that’s getting people’s attention.

Kourtney Abroad

In this preview, most of it’s simply the usual antics integrated with waxing nostalgic and marveling at their own success.

” We didn’t even believe we ‘d get to season 2,” Kim confesses. Kris does her “party mommy” act one last time.

Somewhere else, Khloe requires that everyone do that awkward performative cheering that everybody on the planet dislikes doing.

Scott Disick (teaser) - I'd marry you right now

In one moment, it looks like Scott gets real with Kourtney.

He tells her “I would marry you today” throughout what seems a heavy conversation.

Undoubtedly, the syntax indicates some sort of conditional or description of why he doesn’t … but we do not understand the context.

Scott and Kourtney Throwback

We do of course understand that beautiful Kourtney has actually just recently begun dating Travis Barker.

Scott is knotted with the 19- year-old knockout Amelia Gray Hamlin.

Certainly, they did not get wed. What fans wish to see is why

Kourtney Disses Kanye

We don’t understand exactly when this discussion was shot.

Because Kim shared a tearful look at their final day of KUWTK back in early January.

This scene has the potential to injure some feelings … relying on how it plays out.

Kim, There's People That Are Dying

Naturally, likewise contingent upon how everything goes down, the only sensations involved could be dissatisfaction from fans.

Odds seem pretty good that this discussion will be essential and heavy, however modification nothing about their vibrant in any real method.

We currently know about Scott and Kourtney’s present dating lives. That stops the hype.

Kourtney Kardashian in Red Bikini

We have to face the music and acknowledge that there are reasons that the series does not have the spark that it when did.

Only one of those reasons is what each and every single one of Kris’ children other than for Kendall is now a moms and dad.

Life just feels various when you have a child.

Kourtney Kiss

Another big aspect is that fans understand so much of what’s going to play out on the program, thanks to intense reporting and social networks.

Undoubtedly, the program has leaned into that, teasing that audiences will see major newsworthy occasions all play out … however it’s not the exact same.

Even Real Housewives are much better at saving major surprises for when they air. Fans of the Kardashians know what’s coming.

Kim Kardashian to Khloe: Don't Be F--king Rude!

Some fans think that one problem is that the Kardashians are too effective.

Housewives, 90 Day Future Husband stars, Teen Moms– none of these truth stars have unchecked veto power over their own footage.

The result is that awkward, painful moments that they never wished to play out on TV are recorded and aired.

Kourtney Kardashian Takes a Bikini Selfie

No, Scott and Kourtney aren’t going to suddenly decide to get married a massive all these years later on.

And if they do, it didn’t take place in 2015 or in January– not with Amelia Hamlin snapping thirst trap selfies at Scott’s house.

That said … there are a lot of emotions about this program, and even people who have actually had a look at for several years are going to want to tune in for the ending.