On Tuesday afternoon, “Thank you, Sam” began trending throughout social media platforms, and for great factor:

Britney Spears’ hunky boyfriend, Sam Asghari, used his platform to speak out versus the pop star’s dad, Jamie.

Legions of fans share his outrage, and comprehend that he might be risking reprisal from Britney’s controversial papa.

Britney With Sam

Jamie Spears, of course, controls her whole life.

Taking him on is not for the faint of heart, as lots of who have challenged his authority over the previous decade have actually discovered the tough method.

After all that Sam has actually witnessed and now that the world has actually seen the Framing Britney Spears documentary, he desired to speak out.

Sam Asghari

Sam himself has been on the receiving end of some of the #FreeBritney movement’s more outlandish conspiracy theories.

Some have implicated him of in some way remaining in league with Jamie Spears, though that has actually clearly never made sense.

That was always a stretch, to say the least – but it doesn’t appear like anyone’s going to accuse Sam of that at any time soon.

Britney and Sam on Vacation

On Tuesday, February 9, Sam required to his Instagram Stories to share a message that came straight from the heart.

” Now, it’s important for people to understand I have no respect for somebody trying to control our relationship,” Sam started.

” And,” he continued, “constantly tossing obstacles our method.”

Sam Asghari IG 9 February 2021 - Jamie Spears is a dick

” In my opinion, Jamie is an overall penis,” Sam wrote, plainly not mincing words or fearing the effects.

” I will not be explaining,” he discussed, noting I have actually constantly respected our personal privacy.”

He’s likewise said ample currently to make his point. And he adds specifically:

” But at the same time,” Sam included, “I didn’t concern this country to not have the ability to reveal my opinion.”

Sam Asghari Gives Britney Spears a Birthday Kiss

In the hour following that post, Sam was out shopping – responsibly masked, we may add – and celebrity gossip website TMZ overtook him.

Provided a chance to renounce or no-comment away the scenario, he did not.

” What I said is what I stated,” Sam told the cameras as he packed up the automobile.

” I think he’s a cock,” he reiterated. “That’s my opinion.”

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari in Miami

Britney fans have actually known considering that they first laid eyes on him that Sam Asghari is a practically comically appealing male.

However it’s excellent to see that he has a heart as huge as his bicep.

Sam and Britney like each other, and Sam obviously resents the dastardly individuals who have actually conspired to reduce Britney’s freedoms and control her fortune.

Sam Asghari as Photographed by Britney Spears

( Totally unrelated: Did you know that Britney herself the one who took this stunning black and white photo of Sam? She was!)

Sam understands better than anyone the restrictions that have been positioned upon Britney’s life, from her profession to her fortune to her daily options.

And he knows better than the majority of how capable, dazzling, and deserving of her rights and self-respect Britney herself is.

Britney Spears Kisses Sam

Among the saddest things that has actually ended up being clear in the last few years is that Britney saw all of this coming, yet was helpless to stop it.

She was absolutely resigned to the fact that she was getting a conservatorship as far back as 2008, when her life remained in disarray.

Spears only had one request, and it was something that she has defended time and time again.

Sam Asghari Lifts Weights

The 39- year-old singer very simply and relatively wanted her father, Jamie, to have no involvement with her conservatorship.

( Like we said, a heart as huge as his biceps.)

Rather of getting her wish, Britney was denied the right to hire her own attorney due to a “sealed medical file.”

It’s all a stomach punch to those who have actually waited her side this entire time. Envision how Spears herself feels.

Britney Looks Tired

Her father has actually managed her career, her life, her spending plan, her health care, and so much more for over 12 years, now.

One day soon, we hope that the court will #FreeBritney.


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